Best Young Researcher Award, CMAEL 2019

/Best Young Researcher Award, CMAEL 2019
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Awards Regulation

Two awards will be granted:

  • Young Junior Award (max 1 year after PhD graduation)[1]
  • Young Senior Award (max 5 years after PhD graduation)[2]

Each award consists of a plaque and the publication on the CMAEL website.

Eligibility and application procedure

The Young Junior Award includes also current PhD students of all years.

The awardees will be selected during a dedicated poster session, in occasion of the CMAEL Annual Meeting. It is therefore mandatory that the candidates are present in person at the poster presentation.

If you intend to participate to the award poster session, please send an email to, indicating name, affiliation, doctorate cycle or date of graduation and title of the research. No other action is required for applying to the award.

During the poster session, the candidates will present their work, to the benefit of all CMAEL members attending the Annual Meeting. Whenever possible, the posters will be left available for the rest of the day to the benefit of all CMAEL members.

Poster Content

The content of the poster must focus on one specific research theme (not a general overview of the candidate’s research) and must contain a section dedicated to the individual contribution of the candidate in the presented research activity. Both conditions are mandatory.

Please, remember to indicate in the headings of the poster: name of the candidate, Affiliation during the PhD and – if different – current affiliation, date of PhD graduation or current PhD cycle, name of the PhD advisor.

It is suggested that the main co-authors of the research are cited in the poster, so to facilitate the recognition of the candidate’s individual contribution.

Poster Evaluation

All CMAEL members attending the Annual Meeting will be allowed to express their preferences through a dedicated Google Form.

Each CMAEL member will be requested to evaluate as many candidates as possible, according to time availability. At the end of the evaluation session, candidates having a minimum of 3 valid reviews will be eligible for the award.

The selection criteria are six and will be evaluated for each candidate on a scale of grades from 5 (Excellent) to 1 (Insufficient). The six criteria are:

  1. Is the literature review appropriate and comprehensive? (1 – 5)
  2. Is there an evident original contribution? (1 – 5)
  3. What is the grade of applicability of the research? (1 -5)
  4. Is the research method sound, including validation and reference to applications? (1 – 5)
  5. Is the presentation clear and convincing? (1 – 5)
  6. Is the candidate’s contribution evident? (1 – 5)

Conflict of Interest

To avoid conflict of interest, reviews having the same affiliation of the candidates at the time of their PhD studies or today will be not considered.

[1] Example for CMAEL Annual Meeting 2019: all PhDs graduated not before than 2018

[2] Example for CMAEL Annual Meeting 2019: all PhDs graduated not before than 2014