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CMAEL is a non-profit association aiming to promote the scientific research in the fields of power electronics, electrical machines and electrical drives, and its concrete application in the civil, industrial and transport sphere.

CMAEL represents a scientific community for all those who deal with these issues, be they from universities or from industries, all sharing the universal value of knowledge, the adherence to a rigorous working method, the experimental one, and the awareness that the results of the research may have an important impact in the socio-economic context, not only in terms of knowledge advancement, but also for the applications that may derive from them.

The main applications in which power electronics, electrical machines, and electrical drives play a fundamental and indispensable role, even if sometimes not adequately known, are:

  • Industrial applications
  • Transport electrification
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Electric propulsion in civil, naval and aerospace sphere
  • Smart grid

“Science is nothing but a perversion if it does not have as its ultimate goal the improvement of human conditions”

N. Tesla